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Deep Calleth Upon Deep

Satyricon - Deep Calleth Upon Deep

Only one duo can evoke sinister settings like the world of bleak woods lurking behind Norwegian wafts of mist. That duo is Satyricon. Formed in Oslo in 1991, Satyricon made an immediate and enduring impact when they emerged from the flourishing Norwegian black metal scene. With their ninth opus Deep Calleth Upon Deep, the masters Satyr and Frost properly dispense the darkest art of metal. The album oozes with sorrow, as black metal hymns drag shake the soul and the skeleton like hyenas feasting on a rotten carcass. The resulting album is erratic and destructive, in addition to being raw and pure.

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"To Your Brethren In The Dark"


  1. 1. Midnight Serpent
  2. 2. Blood Cracks Open The Ground
  3. 3. To Your Brethren In The Dark
  4. 4. Deep Calleth Upon Deep
  5. 5. The Ghost Of Rome
  6. 6. Dissonant
  7. 7. Black Wings And Withering Gloom
  8. 8. Burial Rite

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 19
    Aarhus, Denmark Satyricon and Fight the Fight at Train
  • Oct 20
    Gothenburg, Sweden Satyricon and Fight the Fight at Pustervik
  • Oct 21
    Stockholm, Sweden Satyricon and Fight the Fight at Fryshuset
  • Oct 31
    Guadalajara, Mexico Satyricon at C3 Stage
  • Nov 01
    Mexico City, Mexico Satyricon at Circo Volador
  • Nov 02
    San Jose, Costa Rica Satyricon at Pepper Disco Club
  • Nov 05
    MedellĂ­n, Colombia Altavoz Festival 2017
  • Nov 07
    Santiago, Chile Satyricon at Blondie
  • Nov 08
    Buenos Aires, Argentina Satyricon at UNICLUB
  • Nov 10
    Belo Horizonte, Brazil Satyricon at Stone Henge Rock Bar
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