New Releases For March 5, 2013

Calling Birds

Satellite - Calling Birds

The emotive atmospherics of Nashville's Satellite have resonated deeply with fans and critics alike. The alternative rock quartet blends boldly vulnerable lyrics with anthemic but finely textured pop on their debut album, Calling Birds. The group has garnered favorable comparisons such as ,Snow Patrol meets Kings of Leon' and 'Springsteen meets UK.'

'Nashville's Satellite puts Americana in its orbit' - CMT Edge

'Satellite's Steven McMorran eases between cowboy craggy and a keening falsetto, sounding like Bon Iver after a strenuous season of rustling cattle or maybe just wearing a lot of denim.' - MTV Buzzworthy

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  1. 1. Say The Words
  2. 2. Brooklyn
  3. 3. Turning On My Own
  4. 4. Saving Us Tonight
  5. 5. Silhouette
  6. 6. Come And Get Me
  7. 7. Ring The Bells
  8. 8. God Save The Dream
  9. 9. You & ME
  10. 10. What You Need
  11. 11. Till I Return