New Releases For October 16, 2015

Atom By Atom

Satan - Atom By Atom

Satan are legends of the new wave of british heavy metal scene whose previous album Life Sentence was hailed as the best heavy metal comeback of the year 2013. Atom By Atom is the very much anticipated album awaited by fans and critics. The band has spent the summer playing festivals across Europe and will continue to do so into 2016.

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"The Devil's Infantry"


  1. 1. Farewell Evolution
  2. 2. Fallen Saviour
  3. 3. Ruination
  4. 4. The Devil's Infantry
  5. 5. Atom By Atom
  6. 6. In Contempt
  7. 7. My Own God
  8. 8. Arhiman
  9. 9. Bound In Enmity
  10. 10. The Fall Of Persephone