New Releases For April 24, 2012

Sarah Jaffe
The Body Wins

Sarah Jaffe - The Body Wins

Sarah Jaffe's The Body Wins shows a side to Jaffe that didn't exist on Suburban Nature - the part of her that liked to dance and listen to hip-hop and cover Robyn songs live.

That's not to say The Body Wins is a party record. It isn't. But it has a pulse to it, more than a heartbeat, not quite a breakbeat.

'Glorified High,' the first single, perfectly captures that - the energy she'd built up and the energy that had always been there - with a chorus that smacks you in the chest and lingers like a hug.

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"Glorified High"


  1. 1. Paul
  2. 2. The Body Wins
  3. 3. Glorified High
  4. 4. Mannequin Woman
  5. 5. Halfway Right
  6. 6. The Way Sound Leaves A Room
  7. 7. Fangs
  8. 8. Hooray For Love
  9. 9. Foggy Field
  10. 10. Sucker For Your Marketing
  11. 11. Limerence
  12. 12. Talk
  13. 13. When You Rest

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