New Releases For August 19, 2014

Sarah Jaffe
Don't Disconnect

Sarah Jaffe - Don't Disconnect

For 28-year-old singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe, Don't Disconnect is both a mission statement and a call to arms - an album about getting to know yourself in a hyper-connected world that makes it nearly impossible to do just that.

NPR All Songs Considered says Don't Disconnect is 'so big... so bold... and beautiful. This record is incredible. Every time a song from this record comes up, I'm just knocked out.'

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"Lover Girl"


  1. 1. Ride It Out
  2. 2. Fatalist
  3. 3. Some People Will Tell You
  4. 4. Revelation
  5. 5. Either Way
  6. 6. Don't Disconnect
  7. 7. Satire
  8. 8. Lover Girl
  9. 9. Slow Pour
  10. 10. Your Return
  11. 11. Defense
  12. 12. Leaving The Planet

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