New Releases For July 23, 2013

Sara Hickman

Sara Hickman - Shine

Sara Hickman has garnered recognition as a captivating singer/songwriter, vocalist and musician, with artists such as Shawn Colvin, the Flatlanders, Robert Earl Keen, Willie Nelson and many others covering her songs.

On her Kirtland Records debut release Shine, Hickman delivers another memorable collection of 10 songs that will take the listener on an intense journey destined to evoke a broad spectrum of emotions.

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"Selfish Freak"


  1. 1. Tasty Sweet
  2. 2. Selfish Freak
  3. 3. The Trouble With Boxes
  4. 4. Human Wish
  5. 5. You Are Not Alone
  6. 6. Cocky Friend
  7. 7. Primitive Stuff
  8. 8. Rapture
  9. 9. Two Winters
  10. 10. Shine