New Releases For May 20, 2016

Heavy Over The Home

Sanzu - Heavy Over The Home

Formed in early 2013 in Perth Australia, Sanzu is a unique beast that has unleashed heavy music in a way that utilizes diversity and originality that doesn't cause itself to stray too far from it's death metal foundation. Sanzu has formed a unique presence. Guitar riffs like melodic saw blades meets savage bass along with powerful drumming to form a rhythm section that thunders and grooves in unison with unrestrained vocal assaults close to a beast made of Gojira and earlier Morbid Angel. Includes their Painless EP as bonus tracks.

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  1. 1. Old Orchard Floor
  2. 2. Phenomena
  3. 3. Ubiety
  4. 4. Tailor
  5. 5. Those Who Sleep In The East
  6. 6. Awaken
  7. 7. Heavy Over The Home
  8. 8. The Chill
  9. 9. Loss
  10. 10. Colourblind
  11. 11. 18 Days Of Rain
  12. 12. For All
  13. 13. Defamer
  14. 14. Variant Red
  15. 15. Lunar Crush