New Releases For July 13, 2010

Sam Adams
Boston's Boy

Sam Adams - Boston's Boy

Samuel Adams Wisner, otherwise known as Wiz or Sam Adams, is a 21-year-old rapper out of Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating from high school, Samuel Adams was recruited to play soccer at Trinity College where he is now the captain (still currently enrolled). While his fan base has grown impressively over the last 6 months, Samuel Adams modesty and hunger continues to show through his self-produced music. His innovation of the Hip Hop and Electronica/Dance genres create a sound that is smart and catchy. With his innovative remix of Asher Roths 'I Hate College,' as well as his new 'Pokerfaced Remix.'

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"Driving Me Crazy"


  1. 1. Comin' Up
  2. 2. Driving Me Crazy
  3. 3. Swang
  4. 4. Just Love Here
  5. 5. Coast 2 Coast
  6. 6. You Girl
  7. 7. Tab Open
  8. 8. I'm So High
  9. 9. Still I Rise
  10. 10. See Me Now
  11. 11. Jets Over Boston
  12. 12. Just Sayin'