New Releases For May 22, 2012

Saint Vitus
Lillie: F-65

Saint Vitus - Lillie: F-65

Saint Vitus, the undisputed godfathers of American doom metal, return after a 17 year hiatus with another masterpiece in Lillie: F-65.

The new album is vintage Vitus, with the unmistakable guitar sound and solos of co-founder Dave Chandler and the deeply resonant vocals of Scott 'Wino' Weinrich. The true icons of doom are back and stronger than ever with Lillie: F-65.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Blessed Night"


  1. 1. Let Them Fall
  2. 2. Bleeding Ground
  3. 3. Vertigo
  4. 4. Blessed Night
  5. 5. Waste Of Time
  6. 6. Dependence
  7. 7. Withdrawal

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