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Saft, Swallow, Previte With Iggy Pop
Loneliness Road

Saft, Swallow, Previte With Iggy Pop - Loneliness Road

Jamie Saft has established himself as a visionary of contemporary American music. As a composer, pianist and keyboardist and collaborator of music icons such as Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, the B-52s and John Zorn. His collaboration with RareNoise Records reflects this polymathic approach, as can be gleaned from listening to the array of recordings he released with them: among these, one of the most successful was a piano trio collaboration with jazz giants Steve Swallow and Bobby Previte, The New Standard. On Loneliness Road, the follow-up to that acclaimed 2014 release, the trio are joined on three tracks by Iggy Pop.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Everyday (Featuring Iggy Pop)"


  1. 1. Ten Nights
  2. 2. Little Harbor
  3. 3. Bookmaking
  4. 4. Don't Lose Yourself (Featuring Iggy Pop)
  5. 5. Henbane
  6. 6. Pinkus
  7. 7. Nainsook
  8. 8. The Barrier
  9. 9. Loneliness Road (Featuring Iggy Pop)
  10. 10. Unclouded Moon
  11. 11. The Gates
  12. 12. Everyday (Featuring Iggy Pop)