New Releases For January 20, 2015

Ryan Bingham
Fear And Saturday Night

Ryan Bingham - Fear And Saturday Night

Recorded mostly live with a brand new backing band, Fear And Saturday Night shows Bingham facing down his past with a poetic grace throughout. The lead single, “Radio,” is about coping with a darkness that doesn’t want to let go, searching for a safe place to make sense of your life and the strength to stay on the right track through it all. Those hard-learned lessons, through both good times and bad, helped make Bingham the man he is today. Fear And Saturday Night is the most authentic, personal, and deeply moving portrait of that man we’ve heard yet.

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  1. 1. Nobody Knows My Trouble
  2. 2. Broken Heart Tattoos
  3. 3. Top Shelf Drug
  4. 4. Island In The Sky
  5. 5. Adventures Of You And Me
  6. 6. Fear And Saturday Night
  7. 7. My Diamond Is Too Rough
  8. 8. Radio
  9. 9. Snow Falls In June
  10. 10. Darlin
  11. 11. Hands Of Time
  12. 12. Gun Fightin’ Man

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