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Peace, Love & Russian Roll

Russkaja - Peace, Love & Russian Roll

Russkaja is in the house – and that means no tone will be left unturned. Vienna`s sons and kings of turbo polka metal love catchy rhythms, badass riffing, punk spirit, Russian disco – hell, even country and ska have a place here. And therefore Peace, Love & Russian Roll isn`t simply a varied and happy-go-lucky party album: this is the perfect tool for international understanding. Forget about easy listening and dive into the sweaty and crazed soundtrack for a better planet.

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"Rock'n Roll Today"


  1. 1. Rock'n Roll Today
  2. 2. Slap Your Face
  3. 3. Hometown Polka
  4. 4. There Was A Time
  5. 5. El Pueblo Unido
  6. 6. Lovegorod
  7. 7. Parachute
  8. 8. Let's Die Together
  9. 9. Salty Rain
  10. 10. You Are The Revolution
  11. 11. Radio Song
  12. 12. Peace, Love & Russian Roll

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 31
    Osnabrück, Germany Russkaja at Rosenhof
  • Nov 01
    Potsdam, Germany Russkaja at Lindenpark
  • Nov 07
    Dresden, Germany Russkaja at Beatpol
  • Nov 08
    Kempten, Germany Russkaja at Kultbox, bigBOX Allgäu
  • Nov 09
    Freiburg, Germany Russkaja at Jazzhaus
  • Nov 14
    Konstanz, Germany Russkaja at Kulturladen
  • Nov 15
    Freising, Germany Russkaja at Lindenkeller
  • Nov 16
    Kremsmünster, Austria Russkaja at Kulturzentrum Kino
  • Dec 05
    Jena, Germany Russkaja at F-Haus
  • Dec 06
    Wuppertal, Germany Russkaja at Live Club Barmen
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