New Releases For June 12, 2012

Clockwork Angels

Rush - Clockwork Angels

Certainly at this point, after being together for almost thirty-eight years (and being around a decade or two before that), Alex, Geddy, and I have reached our 'mature years.' However, we have arrived there hot and sweaty, sliding into third, as a working, touring band. That built-to-be-performed quality is clearly evident on all of the songs on Clockwork Angels, too. Like the nineteen albums that have come before, these songs are 'Made 2 B Played,' again and again for years.

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"Headlong Flight"


  1. 1. Caravan
  2. 2. BU2B
  3. 3. Clockwork Angels
  4. 4. The Anarchist
  5. 5. Carnies
  6. 6. Halo Effect
  7. 7. Seven Cities Of Gold
  8. 8. The Wreckers
  9. 9. Headlong Flight
  10. 10. BU2B2
  11. 11. Wish Them Well
  12. 12. The Garden

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