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Royal Thunder

Royal Thunder - CVI

Royal Thunder's debut full length CVI (Roman numeral 106) explodes in sound in a way that their critically heralded debut EP only hinted at. Propelled by singer Miny Parsonz' captivatingly passionate and soulful vocals, CVI is a psych/prog/metal fan's dream come true - a triumphant display of crescendo-ing riffs, sultry vocals and propulsive grooves.

Way more than just a brilliant metal album, CVI is a sultry southern hard rock thinker of an album that appeals to both the Skynyrd and the Neurosis sides of the brain. An absolute must have for fans of the Atlanta and Savannah metal and hard rock scene.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Whispering World"


  1. 1. Parsonz Curse
  2. 2. Whispering World
  3. 3. Shake And Shift
  4. 4. No Good
  5. 5. Blue
  6. 6. Sleeping Witch
  7. 7. South Of Somewhere
  8. 8. Drown
  9. 9. Minus
  10. 10. Black Water Vision

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