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Rory Gallagher
Irish Tour '74: 40th Anniversary Edition

Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour '74: 40th Anniversary Edition

Irish Tour '74 was a world class, matchless, blistering live performance. It is one of the greatest live albums of all time. No studio trickery, no overdubs. A truly live album. The stuff of legend.

This new digital deluxe edition features, for the first time each of these iconic shows. Seven albums worth of fully remastered audio including 43 previously unreleased recordings. Eagle Rock Entertainment is proud to issue the North American release of Irish Tour '74: 40th Anniversary Edition 7-disc digital set and Irish Tour Special Edition on 2CD, featuring the full Cork show.


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"Tattoo'd Lady"


  1. 1. Messin' With The Kid
  2. 2. Cradle Rock
  3. 3. I Wonder Who
  4. 4. Tattoo'd Lady
  5. 5. Walk On Hot Coals
  6. 6. Laundromat
  7. 7. A Million Miles Away
  8. 8. Hands Off
  9. 9. Too Much Alcohol
  10. 10. As The Crow Flies
  11. 11. Pistol Slapper Blues
  12. 12. Unmilitary Two-Step
  13. 13. Banker's Blues
  14. 14. Going To My Hometown
  15. 15. Who's That Coming
  16. 16. In Your Town

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