New Releases For February 5, 2013

Ron Sexsmith
Forever Endeavour

Ron Sexsmith - Forever Endeavour

'I really do think this is the record I've been trying to make my whole career, but for some reason either I wasn't singing good enough or didn't have the right songs. It really came together this time with the songs and the production and my voice, where I was singing the way I heard in my head. When I handed in the record, the label folks were talking about an 'angle' for the record, and I don't think in terms of 'angles'. I'm just really proud of it.' - Ron Sexsmith

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"Nowhere To Go"


  1. 1. Nowhere To Go
  2. 2. Nowhere Is
  3. 3. If Only Avenue
  4. 4. Snake Road
  5. 5. Blind Eye
  6. 6. Lost In Thought
  7. 7. Sneak Out The Back Door
  8. 8. Back Of My Hand
  9. 9. Deepens With Time
  10. 10. Me, Myself And Wine
  11. 11. She Does My Heart Good
  12. 12. The Morning Light (Bonus Track)
  13. 13. Life After a Broken Heart (Bonus Track)

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