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Ron Sexsmith
Carousel One

Ron Sexsmith - Carousel One

Carousel One finds Canadian singer-singwriter Ron Sexsmith in surprising territory for a man often pegged as a downbeat balladeer: he’s actually contented. "I didn’t realize until we were putting the songs together for Carousel One that this would be more outgoing. There's a lot more humor,” says Ron. “I mean, there’s even a smiling picture on the cover, which I've just never had before. I just hope it doesn't scare the children."

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"Can't Get My Act Together"


  1. 1. Sure As The Sky
  2. 2. Saint Bernard
  3. 3. Loving You
  4. 4. Before The Light Is Gone
  5. 5. Lucky Penny
  6. 6. Getaway Car
  7. 7. Nothing Feels The Same Anymore
  8. 8. Sun's Coming Out
  9. 9. Lord Knows
  10. 10. All Our Tomorrows
  11. 11. No One
  12. 12. Can't Get My Act Together
  13. 13. Tumbling Sky
  14. 14. Many Times
  15. 15. The Other Side (Bonus Track)
  16. 16. Is Anybody Going To San Antone (Bonus Track)

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