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Romain Collin
The Calling

Romain Collin - The Calling

French-born pianist Romain Collin introduces an evocatively textured, melodically luxuriant sound on his new Palmetto album The Calling.

Flowing from his singular creative path as a classically trained musician besotted with jazz giants like Errol Garner, Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarrett and Bud Powell, his music is utterly idiosyncratic, yet fully part of a generational spirit informed by indie rock and adventurous pop music.

An eagerly awaited follow-up to his acclaimed 2008 debut, The Calling is a quantum leap for Collin, a highly personal statement that embraces the musical currents that move him most deeply.

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"Runner's High"


  1. 1. Storm
  2. 2. The Calling
  3. 3. Runner's High
  4. 4. Stop This Train
  5. 5. Burn. Down.
  6. 6. Pennywise The Clown
  7. 7. Greyshot
  8. 8. Strange
  9. 9. Nica's Dream
  10. 10. Airborne
  11. 11. Aftermath
  12. 12. One Last Try