New Releases For July 10, 2015

Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi - Grievances

Rolo Tomassi may have been referred to as the north of Englands best kept secret, although they’re not going to be a secret for much longer. With five tracks and a short piano piece clocking in at just under 25 minutes, the band are set to smash any preconceptions you may have had about: a) extreme and spazzy music and b) the band themselves and their age. Far more evolved than the constraints of jazzy noise or synth-screamo, Rolo Tomassi leap confidently from genre to genre. Moments of oddly-timed chaos flow comfortably into sanguine prog-rock workouts, otherworldly, alien noises sit happily alongside bass-led doom riffs. Its eclectic stuff - without ever sounding disjointed.

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  1. 1. Estranged
  2. 2. Raumdeuter
  3. 3. The Embers
  4. 4. Prelude III (Phantoms)
  5. 5. Opalescent
  6. 6. Unseen And Unknown
  7. 7. Stage Knives
  8. 8. Crystal Cascades
  9. 9. Chandelier Shiver
  10. 10. Funereal
  11. 11. All That Has Gone Before