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Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor: best

Roger Taylor - Roger Taylor: best

Hot on the heels of the Queen + Adam Lambert tour, Omnivore Recordings is proud to release the first-ever best of Roger Taylor's solo material simply titled, Roger Taylor: best.

With Queen, he wrote or co-wrote hits like 'Radio Ga Ga' and 'Under Pressure,' but on his own he's delivered, to date, five critically acclaimed solo albums. Roger Taylor: best draws from those releases with 18 tracks.

Available on CD and double LP (with tracks appearing on vinyl for the first time), Roger Taylor: best presents an overview of a rock legend's work in front of the stage, the listeners - and the world.


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"Strange Frontier"


  1. 1. Future Management (You Don't Need Nobody Else)
  2. 2. I Wanna Testify
  3. 3. Let's Get Crazy
  4. 4. Magic Is Loose
  5. 5. Strange Frontier
  6. 6. Man On Fire
  7. 7. Beautiful Dreams
  8. 8. Nazis 1994
  9. 9. Foreign Sand With Yoshiki
  10. 10. Everybody Hurts Sometime
  11. 11. Happiness
  12. 12. Surrender
  13. 13. Where Are You Now?
  14. 14. A Nation Of Haircuts
  15. 15. Tonight
  16. 16. No More Fun
  17. 17. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) (Single Version)
  18. 18. Sunny Day

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