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Roger Taylor
Fun In Space (Reissue)

Roger Taylor - Fun In Space (Reissue)

In between legs of Queen’s tours in 1980, drummer Roger Taylor spent time at Mountain Studios in Montreux, Switzerland, making his first solo recordings since the release of the 1977 single “I Wanna Testify.” Those recordings would make up his first solo album, 1981’s Fun In Space.

The Fun In Space LP is being issued on clear vinyl for the first run (black vinyl to follow) and contains a reproduction of the original album’s full color inner sleeve. The CD version contains three bonus tracks: both sides of his 1977 solo offering (“I Wanna Testify” / “Turn On The TV”) and the U.K. single, “My Country I & II.”

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"I Wanna Testify"


  1. 1. No Violins
  2. 2. Laugh Or Cry
  3. 3. Future Management
  4. 4. My Country I & II
  5. 5. Good Times Are Now
  6. 6. Magic Is Loose
  7. 7. Interlude In Constantinople
  8. 8. Airheads
  9. 9. Fun In Space
  10. CD Bonus Tracks:
  11. 10. I Wanna Testify
  12. 11. Turn On The TV
  13. 12. My Country (Single Version)
  14. Due to licensing restrictions, the LP does not include a download card.

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