New Releases For April 22, 2016

Rod Melancon
LA-14 (Digital EP)

Rod Melancon - LA-14 (Digital EP)

This five song EP from South Louisiana native Rod Melancon serves as a preview of Rod’s full-length album Southern Gothic, due out in September. Produced by former Dwight Yoakam lead guitarist Brian Whelan, LA-14 delivers Melancon’s Americana songwriting through a swamp-like, country blend that often borders on the parameters of psychedelic-rock, laced with strains of deep southern blues.

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  1. 1. Perry
  2. 2. Dwayne And Me
  3. 3. A Man Like Me Shouldn’t Own A Gun
  4. 4. Lights Of Carancro
  5. 5. By Her Side

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