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Rocky Loves Emily
Secrets Don't Make Friends

Rocky Loves Emily - Secrets Don't Make Friends

There's something of bipolarity on Secrets Don't Make Friends. The pop-rock instrumentals create upbeat, outgoing melodies while the lyrics search for deeper, more introspective meaning. There are catchy rockers with propulsive guitar riffs and driving beats, embodying a sense of catharsis. And there are slower, more anthemic rock numbers, exploring the other end of the spectrum, showcasing the band's musical range. Ultimately, though, the disc is whatever the listener needs it to be in the moment.

The album reveals a band with more confidence and self-awareness than ever - and that is evident in the songs.

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"Be Mine Tonight"


  1. 1. I Don't Like You
  2. 2. Drivin' Me Crazy
  3. 3. Secrets Don't Make Friends
  4. 4. Oil & Water
  5. 5. Be Mine Tonight
  6. 6. Guilty, Guilty
  7. 7. Dream
  8. 8. Nightmare
  9. 9. The One You're Searching For
  10. 10. It's Not Me, It's You
  11. 11. The Root Of All Evil