New Releases For November 24, 2014

Robin Williamson
Trusting In The Rising Light

Robin Williamson - Trusting In The Rising Light

Scottish singer-songwriter, harpist and guitarist Robin Williamson returns with a new album of self-penned pieces - thoughtful and touching meditations on love, destiny, the natural world, roads travelled, and the daily pleasures of being alive today.

The album finds Williamson in fine voice and in best creative form on his diverse instruments, drawing inspiration also from the ingenious improvisational input of violist Mat and percussionist Ches Smith.


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"Trusting In The Rising Light"


  1. 1. Trusting In The Rising Light
  2. 2. Roads
  3. 3. Our Evening Walk
  4. 4. The Cards
  5. 5. Just West Of Monmouth
  6. 6. Night Comes Quick In LA
  7. 7. Alive Today
  8. 8. These Hands
  9. 9. Swan
  10. 10. Your Kisses
  11. 11. Falling Snow
  12. 12. The Islands Of The Inner Firth