New Releases For July 5, 2011

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis - Photographs

Houston native Robert Ellis presents Photographs, his debut New West Records release. The New York Times (Texas edition) recently described Robert's music as 'equally inspired by Jackson Browne and George Jones.' The 22-year-old's second release is an impressive and diverse concept album, split in two sides with vinyl in mind. Robert explains, 'The A-side represents a more folksy, dark side of the music while the B-side is a full band country sound.'

TAGS: Americana | Folk

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"What's In It For Me?"


  1. 1. Friends Like Those
  2. 2. Bamboo
  3. 3. Cemetery
  4. 4. Two Cans Of Paint
  5. 5. Westbound Train
  6. 6. Comin' Home
  7. 7. What's In It For Me?
  8. 8. I'll Never Give Up On You
  9. 9. No Fun
  10. 10. Photographs

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