New Releases For June 29, 2010

Robby Krieger

Robby Krieger - Singularity

A singularity is a profound event such as the 'big bang,' which was the creation of the universe. I could have started with something smaller, such as, say the destruction of a galaxy or two, but I figured what the hell. Hopefully, the music evokes thoughts along those lines. I'm very happy, that after all these years I was able to record some flamenco and slide guitar for this album. - Robby Krieger

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"Southern Cross"


  1. 1. Russian Caravan (Intro)
  2. 2. Russian Caravan
  3. 3. Southern Cross
  4. 4. Event Horizon (Intro)
  5. 5. Event Horizon
  6. 6. Coffin Dodger
  7. 7. Runaway Trane
  8. 8. Let It Slide
  9. 9. Solar Wind
  10. 10. House Of Bees