New Releases For August 31, 2010

Rob Baird
Blue Eyed Angels

Rob Baird - Blue Eyed Angels

Heavily touring the southeast and his current home of Texas for the last few years, Rob Baird caught the ear of Carnival's Frank Liddell (who helped bring Chris Knight, Miranda Lambert, Bruce Robison and others to the public).

On his debut Blue Eyed Angels, the 23-year old Baird brings a 'don't bore us, get to the chorus' approach to song structure and melds it with an affinity for darker-themed lyrics. The result is he is able to sing a tale of heartache - or even about the emptiness of the world's oldest profession - and make it lighter with a chorus that jingles.

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"Blue Eyed Angels"


  1. 1. Running Away
  2. 2. Could Have Been My Baby
  3. 3. Blue Eyed Angels
  4. 4. Louise
  5. 5. Fade Away
  6. 6. Maybe Tonight
  7. 7. Here Comes The Day
  8. 8. Crash Hard
  9. 9. Lonely Road
  10. 10. Let Me Down Easy
  11. 11. Say Goodbye