New Releases For October 30, 2012


RNDM - Acts

RNDM is Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament, singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur and drummer Richard Stuverud. Their debut album, Acts, was completed between April 6th and 9th, 2012 at Horseback Court, Montana.

'It felt like those first bands you're in, where the first few weeks you ate and slept and breathed the music that you were working on,' Ament says. 'All you did was hum those songs until you got to the next practice. I was completely open to whatever was going to happen, and I know Joseph was too.' After four days with longtime Pearl Jam engineer Brett Eliason behind the boards, the group had nearly 20 finished tracks, which were whittled down to 12 for Acts.

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"Modern Times"


  1. 1. Modern Times
  2. 2. Darkness
  3. 3. The Disappearing Ones
  4. 4. What You Can't Control
  5. 5. Hollow Girl
  6. 6. Walking Through New York
  7. 7. Look Out!
  8. 8. New Tracks
  9. 9. Throw You To The Pack
  10. 10. Williamsburg
  11. 11. Letting Go Of Will
  12. 12. Cherries In The Snow

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