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Death Becomes My Voice

Ringworm - Death Becomes My Voice

Metallic hardcore legends Ringworm ascend to new levels of hostility and no-holds-barred aggression with Death Becomes My Voice.

TAGS: Hardcore | Metal | Rock

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  1. 1. Death Becomes My Voice
  2. 2. Carnivores
  3. 3. Acquiesce
  4. 4. Do Not Resuscitate
  5. 5. Dead To Me
  6. 6. The God Of New Flesh
  7. 7. I Want To Tear The World Apart
  8. 8. Dying By Design
  9. 9. Separate Realities
  10. 10. Let It Burn
  11. 11. Final Division

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 19
    Brooklyn, NY, US All Out War with Ringworm and Genocide Pact at Saint Vitus
  • Mar 21
    Providence, RI, US Ringworm with All Out War, Genocide Pact, and Brother at Dusk
  • Mar 29
    Louisville, KY, US Ringworm with High Command, Flesh Mother, and Gates to Hell at Rockerbuilt
  • Apr 02
    Philadelphia, PA, US Decibel Beer & Metal Prefest feat. Dying Fetus 2020
  • Jun 07
    Lexington, KY, US Acid Witch with Ringworm at Al's Bar
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