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Riley Etheridge Jr.
The Arrogance Of Youth

Riley Etheridge Jr. - The Arrogance Of Youth

Through a broad palette of authentic and finely crafted Americana - late-night blues, hard-luck folk, buoyant Bayou soul, barn-burning country - Etheridge's third album eloquently and emotionally looks deeply into the highly relatable quandary of 'if I knew then what I know now.' 'The arrogance of youth is a thread that winds itself through each of the songs,' Etheridge explains. 'It's about how, as we mature, perspectives in our lives change in surprising ways. A lot of things I knew for sure when I was 19 turned out to not be the case.'

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"The Arrogance Of Youth"


  1. 1. Grace Will Wash My Sins Away
  2. 2. Empty Hands
  3. 3. They Still Dance
  4. 4. Whole New Side Of Me
  5. 5. The More I Learn (The Less I Know)
  6. 6. The Arrogance Of Youth
  7. 7. Fork In The Road
  8. 8. Lunchbox Queen
  9. 9. My Greatest Enemy
  10. 10. Good Ole Boys Like Me