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Richard Thompson
13 Rivers

Richard Thompson - 13 Rivers

Richard Thompson’s new album, 13 Rivers, is the artist’s first self-produced record in over a decade. 13 Rivers is a very stripped down, bare-bones recording and according to Thompson the album is a reflection of current events that have happened in his life. The album was recorded at Boulevard Recording in Los Angeles, California, and it features Richard’s regular accompanists, Michael Jerome and Taras Prodaniuk, as well as Thompson’s guitar tech, Bobby Eichorn, on second guitar. Each track on the album was recorded in analog, with minimal overdubbing.

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"The Storm Won't Come"


  1. 1. The Storm Won't Come
  2. 2. The Rattle Within
  3. 3. Her Love Was Meant For Me
  4. 4. Bones Of Gilead
  5. 5. The Dog In You
  6. 6. Trying
  7. 7. Do All These Tears Belong To You?
  8. 8. My Rock, My Rope
  9. 9. You Can't Reach Me
  10. 10. O Cinderella
  11. 11. No Matter
  12. 12. Pride
  13. 13. Shaking The Gates

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 04
    Lowell, MA, US Richard Thompson at Boarding House Park
  • Sep 06
    Charlestown, RI, US Richard Thompson at Rhythm & Roots Festival
  • Jun 10
    Groningen, Netherlands Richard Thompson at De Oosterpoort
  • Jun 11
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Richard Thompson at De Waalse Kerk
  • Jun 12
    Eindhoven, Netherlands Richard Thompson at Muziekgebouw
  • Jun 14
    Deurne, Belgium Richard Thompson at OLT Rivierenhof
  • Jun 15
    Budapest, Hungary Richard Thompson at Danube River Cruise
  • Jun 15
    Hamburg, Germany Richard Thompson at Elbphilharmonie
  • Jul 05
    Big Indian, NY, US Richard Thompson at Full Moon Resort
  • Jul 09
    Woodstock, NY, US Richard Thompson at Levon Helm Studios
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