New Releases For August 2, 2011

Richard Buckner
Our Blood

Richard Buckner - Our Blood

Our Blood's story is a long one.

There was the score to a film that never happened, there was a brush with the law over a headless corpse in a burned-out car that had all eyes on Buckner, there was the death of his tape machine, and, shortly after Richard called in pedal steel and percussion players and put new mixes on his laptop, his new 'safer' place was burglarized. Goodbye, laptop.

Buckner says: 'Eventually, the recording machine was resuscitated and some of the material was recovered... after the climactic drama had faded to a somber, blurry moment of truth... voilĂ !, the record was done, or, let us be clear, abandoned like the charred shell of a car with a nice stereo.'

Our Blood is the first Richard Buckner album released on vinyl.

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  1. 1. Traitor
  2. 2. Escape
  3. 3. Thief
  4. 4. Collusion
  5. 5. Ponder
  6. 6. Witness
  7. 7. Confession
  8. 8. Hindsight
  9. 9. Gang