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Do Not Deviate

Replacire - Do Not Deviate

On Do Not Deviate, the Boston-based Replacire rip and tear through a unique and unconventional strain of complex, aggressive metal. They blast out of the gates from the albums opening notes; charging through an intricate and idiosyncratic hybrid of death metal, thrash, and progressive modern metal. Tracks like "Horsestance," "Built Upon The Grave Of He Who Bends," "Moonbred Chains," the title track and more are sharp shocks to the system, and crackle with an energy that is nothing short of infectious. Replacire are a new breath of life for the genre, and Do Not Deviate is an exercise in explosive, dynamic technical metal virtuosity.

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  1. 1. Horsestance
  2. 2. Act, Re-Enact
  3. 3. Built Upon The Grave Of He Who Bends
  4. 4. Any Promise
  5. 5. Cold Repeater
  6. 6. Reprise
  7. 7. Moonbred Chains
  8. 8. Do Not Deviate
  9. 9. Spider Song
  10. 10. Traveling Through Abyss
  11. 11. Enough For One