New Releases For April 14, 2015

Reno Jack The Bear
Lightning Fried

Reno Jack The Bear - Lightning Fried

This album can get one safely down the road without a speeding ticket, road rage or a mishap by keeping the listener cool calm yet refreshed amused and alert. The selection of music contains some interesting tales of tornados, internet hazards and environmental rantings. Joined my multiple award winning artists from North America such as Watermelon Slim and Johnnie Lovesin to name a few, this album is Reno Jack the Bear’s debut release. Reno has played for decades in Canada and is a storyteller that comes with the wisdom of the age.

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"Gee Oogle It Baby"


  1. 1. Lightning Fried
  2. 2. Baby This Baby That
  3. 3. Say Self
  4. 4. Trying To Get To You
  5. 5. Salt
  6. 6. Slow Dancing
  7. 7. 20th Century Song
  8. 8. That’ll Be The Love
  9. 9. Bo Buddy
  10. 10. Blue Ball Boil
  11. 11. Gee Oogle It Baby
  12. 12. All Atwitter
  13. 13. Daddio
  14. 14. Such A Funny Little Thing
  15. 15. For A Little While