New Releases For December 4, 2012

Reno Divorce
Lover's Leap

Reno Divorce - Lover's Leap

Ten years strong and armed with an uncanny arsenal of three minute vignettes that peer into the seedier side of life, Reno Divorce has earned a reputation for punk rock story telling at its finest. Whether it is on a festival stage or in a smoke filled, gin-soaked juke joint off the beaten path, they execute their brand of Southern California-styled punk-meets-rhythm-and-blues with bravado and intensity.

Lover's Leap will find a home with fans of Social Distortion, Rise Against, and Reverend Horton Heat.

TAGS: Punk

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"Lover's Leap"


  1. 1. Rep To Protect
  2. 2. You've Created A Monster
  3. 3. Lover's Leap
  4. 4. Ill-Gotten Gains
  5. 5. Sunsets & Corvettes
  6. 6. Stumble (Intermission)
  7. 7. Time Flies When You're Having Fun
  8. 8. Make Sure You're Sure
  9. 9. I'll Always Be Your Slave
  10. 10. Every Second Counts
  11. 11. Three Time Loser
  12. 12. G.E.D. Sweetheart
  13. 13. Don't Let It Slip Away