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Rene Lopez

Rene Lopez - E.L.S.

'...a mash up of congas and club beats that earns every bead of sweat that dances its way down your back.' - Marie Claire

'A Latin soul charmer' - Washington Post

Rene Lopez releases his new full-length, ELS. The album's title refers to a style Lopez has been developing over the past few years, a now-signature sound he calls 'Electric Latin Soul.' The sound is a celebration of Rene's dual identity as both a native New Yorker and a second generation Puerto Rican American, and mixes Latin soul and boogaloo with rock, hip-hop and R&B, featuring a seductive blend of hypnotic rhythms and Rene's undeniably soulful voice. ELS features co-producers Mario Caldato Jr., a.k.a. Mario C (Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson, Bebel Gilberto) and Jason Lader (Julian Casablancas, Jenny Lewis), as well as special guests Joey Altruda, and Money Mark (John Butler Trio).

TAGS: Club/Dance | Latin | R&B

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  1. 1. E.L.S.
  2. 2. I Flow
  3. 3. Johnny Wants To Be Matador
  4. 4. Honey Got Some Love
  5. 5. Fa La La De Fa La
  6. 6. Puerto Ricans In America
  7. 7. L2 The Boogaloo
  8. 8. Feeling Something Good
  9. 9. Everything We Do

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 25
    New York (NYC), NY, US Rene Lopez at Lola
  • May 05
    New York (NYC), NY, US Rene Lopez at Cafe Bohemia
  • May 07
    New York (NYC), NY, US Rene Lopez at Special Club
  • Jul 17
    South Egremont, MA, US Rene Lopez at The Egremont Barn
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