New Releases For October 4, 2011

Relient K
Is For Karaoke

Relient K - Is For Karaoke

The name Relient K has always been synonymous with melodic songwriting, tongue in cheek humor and all around good music. The band releases what is easily one of the most fun and indiscriminate cover albums to grace alternative music to date.

As Matt Hoopes states, 'We have always talked about wanting to do a covers record, and we are excited to finally release one. We always try to include cover songs in our live show, so it was nothing new for the band, and working through the songs was fairly easy. We tried to put our own take on the songs, but while retaining the melody and other musical sections for the original songs.'


  1. 1. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  2. 2. Baby
  3. 3. One Headlight
  4. 4. You're The Inspiration
  5. 5. The Distance
  6. 6. Crazy
  7. 7. Motorcycle Drive By
  8. 8. Doctor Worm
  9. 9. Interstate Love Song
  10. 10. Here Comes My Girl
  11. 11. Africa
  12. 12. Surf Wax America
  13. 13. Inside Of Love
  14. 14. Everybody Wants To Rule The World