New Releases For May 17, 2011

Reform The Resistance
The Truth is Dangerous

Reform The Resistance - The Truth is Dangerous

Reform the Resistance was started in 2005 by brothers Jason and Sambo Monciavz after their first band Justified disbanded. Now with the release of their highly anticipated first studio album, The Truth is Dangerous, RTR is a genre-defining band poised to become the voice for a movement that empowers today's youth. RTR has a renewed strength, enthusiasm and a new album that hits you with an unequivocal, classic sound. It is their quest for challenging listeners that has given them purpose. A concise but extremely potent mix of monstrous sing-a-long choruses, mosh-pit-inducing breakdowns, fascinating rhythms, instrumentation, and vocals that becomes more alluring with each listen. Wonderful sonic mayhem. The Truth is Dangerous is sure to be one of most visible rock albums of 2011. RTR will be touring in support of the album.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: May 17, 2011 ON Wuli
TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Kill Lies"


  1. 1. Kill Lies
  2. 2. Tonight We Ride
  3. 3. Depressed but Alive
  4. 4. Starlight
  5. 5. Are You One Of Us or Are You One Of Them
  6. 6. Mercy In Blood
  7. 7. This Present Darkness
  8. 8. Midnight Session
  9. 9. If I Can Survive
  10. 10. You
  11. 11. We Belong Together