New Releases For March 30, 2018

Red Sun Rising

Red Sun Rising - Thread

Thread arrives as the follow-up to Polyester Zeal, a 2015 release whose hit singles “Emotionless” and “The Otherside” each landed at No. 1 on Billboard’s Rock chart. The title, Thread, echoes Red Sun Rising’s refusal to adhere to any genre. Singer, Mike Protich says, “It came from us being tired of people asking us to describe our music. It’s our way of saying we’re not a rock band, we’re not a metal band, we’re not an alternative band—we’ve just taken all our influences and all these different eras of music, and threaded them together to create our own sound.”

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock

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  1. 1. Fascination
  2. 2. Left For Dead
  3. 3. Deathwish
  4. 4. Stealing Life
  5. 5. El Lazo
  6. 6. Lonely Girl
  7. 7. Veins
  8. 8. Clarity
  9. 9. Benny Two Dogs
  10. 10. Rose
  11. 11. Evil Like You