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Red Line Chemistry
Chemical High & A Hand Grenade

Red Line Chemistry - Chemical High & A Hand Grenade

Hailing from Kansas City, MO, Red Line Chemistry was born in 2004. Over the following years they grinded out the Midwest scene building a solid fan base and branding the RLC name as one of the elite and most promising groups in the area. In September of 2009 the band landed their first record deal that spawned the highly acclaimed national releases Dying For A Living (2011), and Tug Of War (2013). Both albums achieved strong independent success at radio, which enabled the band to tour with the likes of Evans Blue, Saving Abel, Filter, Buckcherry, Nonpoint, veteran rockers Whitesnake and more.

TAGS: Hard Rock

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"Meds For The Hypocrite"


  1. 1. Bullets & Armor
  2. 2. Chemical High & A Hand Grenade
  3. 3. Heavy
  4. 4. Meds For The Hypocrite
  5. 5. The Empty
  6. 6. Penny Drama
  7. 7. The Soldier
  8. 8. Thinking Retro Kills
  9. 9. Becoming Of Saints
  10. 10. Apology
  11. 11. Home
  12. 12. Bloodlust (Dead In Santa Carla)

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