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Real Friends
The Home Inside My Head

Real Friends - The Home Inside My Head

As one of the pioneers of the new wave of pop-punk-emo, Chicagoland quintet Real Friends have rapidly and organically grown a global following of devotees in their short existence. Produced by Steve Evetts (The Wonder Years, Every Time I Die), their second full-length sees the band taking their do it yourself attitude and sound to the next level.

TAGS: Alternative | Punk

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  1. 1. Stay In One Place
  2. 2. Empty Picture Frames
  3. 3. Keep Lying To Me
  4. 4. Scared To Be Alone
  5. 5. Mokena
  6. 6. Mess
  7. 7. Isolating Everything
  8. 8. Well, I’m Sorry
  9. 9. Basement Stairs
  10. 10. Door Without A Key
  11. 11. Eastwick
  12. 12. Colder Quicker

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