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Ravi Shankar
Transmigration Macabre

Ravi Shankar - Transmigration Macabre

The late Ravi Shankar, the legendary sitarist and composer was India's most esteemed musical ambassador and a singular phenomenon in the music worlds of East and West.

Ravi Shankar composed Transmigration Macabre for the British art film Viola (1967), and it is not your average Ravi Shankar album. Overtly psychedelic, sometimes closer to Coltrane's mystical free jazz than the world music Shankar is famous for, Transmigration is one of those records that gets revealed to you in multiple layers.

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  1. 1. Death
  2. 2. Transmigration
  3. 3. Retribution
  4. 4. Reflection
  5. 5. Madness
  6. 6. Fantasy
  7. 7. Anxiety
  8. 8. Torment
  9. 9. Submission