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Ratt - Infestation

As the story goes, Ratt helped pioneer Hollywood's legendary Sunset Strip sound and scene. The band has returned sounding fired up and better than ever. Ratt's first studio album in 11 years, Infestation, is a return to their heavy, riff driven roots. The band has reinvented their sound by rediscovering their strengths, shuttling listeners to a time when metal ruled the earth.

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"Best Of Me"


  1. 1. Eat Me Up Alive
  2. 2. Best Of Me
  3. 3. A Little Too Much
  4. 4. Look Out Below
  5. 5. Last Call
  6. 6. Lost Weekend
  7. 7. As Good As It Gets
  8. 8. Garden Of Eden
  9. 9. Take A Big Bite
  10. 10. Take Me Home
  11. 11. Don't Let Go

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 25
    Pasadena, CA, US Ratt at The Canyon at the Rose
  • Oct 26
    Santa Clarita, CA, US Ratt at The Canyon Santa Clarita
  • Nov 01
    Agoura Hills, CA, US Ratt at The Canyon Agoura Hills
  • Nov 02
    Montclair, CA, US Ratt at The Canyon Montclair
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