New Releases For September 18, 2015

Randall Bramblett
Devil Music

Randall Bramblett - Devil Music

Randall Bramblett’s latest New West release, the dark, Southern, soul-drenched Devil Music, is his sixth for the label and the tenth of his career. Like his others, it features compelling, unusually arranged melodies coupled with thoughtful, deftly worded lyrics. The new recording features guitarist Derek Trucks whose dirtied-up slide counterpoints Bramblett’s falsetto in “Angel Child,” and keyboardist and fellow Sea Level alum, Chuck Leavell, who adds serious boogie to the witty “Reptile Pilot.” Guitar master Mark Knopfler also makes a guest appearance and does some serious damage on “Dead In The Water.”

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"Angel Child"


  1. 1. Dead In The Water
  2. 2. Devil Music
  3. 3. Bottom Of The Ocean
  4. 4. Angel Child
  5. 5. Pride In Place
  6. 6. Reptile Pilot
  7. 7. Whiskey Headed Woman
  8. 8. Strong Love
  9. 9. Ride
  10. 10. Thing For You
  11. 11. Missing Link

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