New Releases For April 6, 2018

Rafiq Bhatia
Breaking English

Rafiq Bhatia - Breaking English

New York guitarist and producer Rafiq Bhatia shatters preconceptions about how much can be said without a word. In fact, these 32 minutes of instrumental grandeur represent the arrival of an audacious new voice, one of music’s great new perform¬er-producers. In 2012, he joined Son Lux, a project in which producer Ryan Lott used software to warp found sounds into dazzling electronic experiments. Son Lux afforded Bhatia the chance to record with the likes of Lorde and Sufjan Stevens and it gave him the support to rethink his approach to creating music - the process that ultimately yielded Breaking English.

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"Breaking English"


  1. 1. Olduvai I - Minarets
  2. 2. Hoods Up
  3. 3. Olduvai II - We Are Humans, With Blood In Our Veins
  4. 4. Before Our Eyes
  5. 5. The Overview Effect
  6. 6. Breaking English
  7. 7. Perihelion I - I Tried To Scream
  8. 8. Perihelion II - Into The Sun
  9. 9. A Love That's True

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 04
    Durham, NC, US Duke Performances: Artist In Residence 2019
  • Nov 07
    Durham, NC, US Rafiq Bhatia at Duke University: Rubenstein Arts Center, Von Der Heyden Studio Theater
  • Apr 03
    London, UK Daniel Avery, Rafiq Bhatia, and Caroline Shaw at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre
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