New Releases For July 27, 2010

Rachel Fine
Own Your Own

Rachel Fine - Own Your Own

If having the success of her music career over the last half year weren't enough, Rachel Fine is also the weekly co host on the Howard Stern Bonus Show for the On-Demand TV Network shown on every cable system around the world.

A consummate vocalist, she treats her fans to a mesmerizing full length album of eclectic trip-hop and neo-soul music. Own Your Own shows the vocal brilliance of musical artist, Rachel Fine.

TAGS: Pop | R&B

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"Hey Hey Hey"


  1. 1. Potential
  2. 2. Ever Dream
  3. 3. Own My Own
  4. 4. Forgiveness
  5. 5. Seraphasine
  6. 6. Care & Closure
  7. 7. Mine Is Yours
  8. 8. Hey Hey Hey
  9. 9. Fly By
  10. 10. Or You Won't
  11. 11. Regret