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Quinn DeVeaux And The Blue Beat Review

Quinn DeVeaux And The Blue Beat Review - Originals

The modern soul songs of Quinn Deveaux, sung in his sweet tenor over a spare guitar or carried by his band's bright tones, evoke old images aplenty - from those gutbucket barrooms where rock-n-roll was born, to the pine-walled shacks, nearby, where its gospel-forebears rent their souls. But this artist's singular sound, making old tones new, is Quinn's alone.

His acclaimed band has been thrilling San Francisco's lovers of rollicking early R&B, and a good time, for years. And now, the Bay Area's best-kept secret is stepping out. Get on board: he'll take you there, wherever you've got to go.

TAGS: Americana | Blues | R&B | Soul

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"How Many Teardrops"


  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Lil 45
  3. 3. Tara Jean
  4. 4. Pale Angel
  5. 5. Left This Town
  6. 6. How Many Teardrops
  7. 7. Hey Right On
  8. 8. Lil Papa
  9. 9. So Easy
  10. 10. Raindrops
  11. 11. Kids On Fire
  12. 12. Cruel
  13. 13. Outro
  14. 14. One