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Quinn DeVeaux
Late Night Drive

Quinn DeVeaux - Late Night Drive

The modern soul songs of Quinn Deveaux, sung in his sweet tenor over a spare guitar or carried by his band's bright tones, evoke old images aplenty - from those gutbucket barrooms where rock-n-roll was born, to the pine-walled shacks, nearby, where its gospel-forebears rent their souls. But this artist's singular sound, making old tones new, is Quinn's alone.

His acclaimed band has been thrilling San Francisco's lovers of rollicking early R&B, and a good time, for years. And now, the Bay Area's best-kept secret is stepping out. Get on board: he'll take you there, wherever you've got to go.

TAGS: Americana | Blues | R&B | Soul

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  1. 1. Yone
  2. 2. Weight
  3. 3. Late Night Drive
  4. 4. Changes
  5. 5. Try
  6. 6. Sun & Moon
  7. 7. What The Heart Want
  8. 8. Good Thang
  9. 9. BFF
  10. 10. Summer
  11. 11. Find