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Quetzal - Imaginaries

'Funky beats and thick choruses ... this is a band firmly rooted in tradition but unafraid to play with new styles' - Jasmine Garsd, NPR Alt.Latino

'...a resurgence of the style of music from Veracruz (Mexico) ... I'm just so excited about this record' - Felix Contreras, NPR Alt.Latino

'... Quetzal, the pioneering Chicano band from East L.A. that continues to push the boundaries of its stirring musical fusions.' - Los Angeles Times

'... original, meaningful music capable of moving both the soul of listeners and the soles of dancers...' - Los Angeles Times

TAGS: Folk | Latin | World

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  1. 1. 2+0+1+2=Cinco (2+0+1+2=Five)
  2. 2. Imaginaries
  3. 3. Estoy Aquí (I Am Here)
  4. 4. Time Will Tell
  5. 5. Luz Y Miel (Light And Honey)
  6. 6. Witness
  7. 7. Tragafuegos (Fire Breathers)
  8. 8. Duérmete (Go To Sleep)
  9. 9. Dreamers, Schemers
  10. 10. Intifada
  11. 11. Por Eso (That's Why)
  12. 12. Todo Lo Que Tengo (All That I Have)