New Releases For January 27, 2015


Purple - (409)

Texas' Purple play pop music. Messy, dirty, raucous, grit-spitting, tequila glug-ging pop music. They do not apologize for this. They have a big streak of it running skunk-like up their backs. They are wrestling pop away from the world of vocoders, slick dance routines and coquettish airheads and bringing it back to where it belongs: to the beach, to the house party, dancing on the table in that bar you need a fake ID to get into. Their debut, (409), was produced by Grammy-nominated Frenchie Smith (Darkness, JET, The Dandy Warhols).

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  1. 1. Wallflower
  2. 2. Double Nickels
  3. 3. Leche Loco
  4. 4. Beach Buddy
  5. 5. Thirteen
  6. 6. Target
  7. 7. Head On The Floor
  8. 8. Liquor
  9. 9. New Born
  10. 10. DMT

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